At Brixius Mfg. we do a variety of commercial and private manufacturing. We pride ourselves in doing quality work at a fair cost with timely delivery. Below is a list of some of the work that we do in our Manufacturing department. We would appreciate the chance to quote any of your current or future jobs, simply contact us at anytime.



Shears: Atlantic ¼ x 10 ft

             National 10 ga. X 52”


Punching: Strippit 30/30

                  Weidemann Centrum 2000

                  56 Ton Johnson OBI

                  3- 32 Ton OBI


Sawing: Ellis- Horizontal

               Dake -Vertical

               Walker Turner- Vertical

               Scotchman Cold Cutting


Bending: Atlantic 10 ft.- 120 Ton

                Baileigh RDB draw & tube bender

                Baileigh R-M55 roller

Drills: Powermatic



Welders: Sureweld 200 AMP MIG           

                Lincoln 255 MIG

                Miller Sycrowave 180 TIG         

                Miller Dynasty 350 TIG             

                VORS Spot Welder


Misc: Bridgeport Milling Machine

          Logan Lathe(2)

          Boyar Schultz surface grinder

          Wysong Iron Worker

          Plasma Cam CNC plasma

          Hornet High Definition Plasma Cutter