Hasting Awnings

Round Valance vs. Square Valance

Standard Window

Hip Style Hood

Door Style Hood

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Color Samples

Gloss Finish: Maroon

Gloss Finish:White

Gloss Finish: Green

Gloss Finish: Tan

Matte Finish: Blue

Gloss Finish: Ivory

Gloss Finish:Brown

Gloss Finish: Terra Cotta

Gloss Finish:Gray

Gloss Finish:Black


Louvered panels let in diffused light so rooms are brighter, yet prevent fading of drapes and carpet.

Awning Details

Our awnings will never rust!

We offer standard, ventilated, and  roll-up awnings.

Every awning is custom made to fit your doors and windows to exact specifications.  

Hasting proprietary side       venting configuration allows for maximum fresh air flow.

 Awning panels are securely fastened to the under structure from beneath. Strong under structure,  solidly anchored, supports the heaviest load of ice and snow.

We guarantee a  strong awning!